As many know, both Peruvian and Mexican gastronomy have products that are almost unique to the country or that are used for many of the dishes that are cooked. This makes both countries have a gastronomic similarity. Although many see only tacos as the representative of Mexican food and only ceviche as the representative of Peruvian food, these countries have much more to offer and share many common ingredients and cooking styles. Next you will learn which are these ingredients or products that both countries share.

1. Corn


Corn is an indispensable dish in both countries. In Mexico, this ingredient is mainly used to make tortillas for tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. In addition, it is also eaten on the grill and is used as an ingredient for the preparation of tamales or some stews. In Peru, for its part, corn is used in different ways, since there is a wide variety. In the first place, a coarse-grained corn is used to eat it directly accompanied by cheese or some sauce. It is also used in black corn to make a drink called “chicha morada”. Finally, another type of corn called “cancha” is dried in the sun, roasted and eaten with salt as a side to ceviche.

2. Chillies


Chili or spicy is something very distinctive from Mexico and Peru. However, when it comes to eating spicy, there is no doubt that no one can compete with the Mexicans. In Mexico, in addition to eating chili or “chile” as they call it, this product is used to make sauces that accompany food, such as green sauce or red sauce. Another use that is given in Mexico is to use the chili sauce to season the meats before cooking them. An example of this is the marinade that is made to season the meats with which tacos al pastor are made. In Peru, for its part, chili is used for sauces such as rocoto sauce or huancaina sauce. A type of chili called “panca” is also used to season meats such as turkey, chicken or pork. Meats are normally cooked in the oven or on the grill. Finally, there is a Peruvian dish that Peruvians cannot eat without spicy food and that is ceviche. Even Peruvians have invented a phrase that says “if it’s not spicy, it’s not ceviche.”

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