Gone are the days when Lima did not offer a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products and restaurants to residents and visitors. These places have chosen to “readapt” some of the best Peruvian dishes such as lomo saltado and replace meat with soy products and other organic derivatives.

In traditional restaurants, vegetarians and vegans have several options such as potato salad, papa a la huancaina, ocopa or causa de pallares. The stuffed avocado, tacu tacu or arroz a la jardinera are other dishes that do not have animal products.

Best vegan restaurants in Lima

1. El pan de la chola

el pan de la chola

A bakery with a variety of handmade breads. It is located in the great local bar on Avenida La Mar (918) in Miraflores. The offer is tasteful. It is made up of bread and other products such as sandwiches, pastries or coffee. The best thing about this place is its grilled pizzas, which have a vegetarian option without cheese.

2. Espressate Vegan

espressate vegan restaurant in lima

At Expressate Vegan, located at Avenida Primavera 120 (Santiago de Surco), you can find a variety of lunches based on pizza, salads, waffles, hamburgers or raw vegetarian packs. On site, we can also buy a wide range of organic and vegan products.

3. Raw Cafe

raw cafe vegan restaurant in lima

Raw Cafe’s proposal, which includes promoting a diet based on nutritious local products and 80% whole grains, has been a complete success. members, who visited their third establishment in the city of Lima. In this restaurant, most of the food is raw or not cooked, however, dishes that require cooking should not exceed 42 ºC, so as not to lose minerals and vitamins. Something to highlight are the pizzas, which have a dough made of seeds and are filled with mushrooms and a slightly spicy sweet and sour sauce.

Their fruit tarts, raw portobello sandwiches with caramelized onion, tomato and vegan cheese, their original vegan falafel, croquettes or lentils also stand out.

4. Germinando vida

germinando vida vegan restaurant in lima

Germinando Vida is one of the new vegan restaurants that opened a few years ago and offers an innovative menu based on products of plant origin. His beautiful business is located at Av. Almirante Miguel Grau 209, in the Barranco district. This restaurant offers a number of dishes like vegan pizza, grilled vegan sausage, duo of ingredients with grilled mushrooms, sweet potato fries and passion fruit sauce or even peanut quinoa with steamed potatoes. It should be noted that some dishes such as pasta may contain eggs, so ask the waiter if the dish is 100% vegan.

5. Samsara Vegano

samsara vegano vegan resttaurant in lima

This restaurant definitely cannot be missing, since Samsara Vegano is an option for lovers of sweets, which although it does not have a physical place where you can go to eat, they deliver delicious vegan desserts to the districts of Chorrillos, Barranco, Miraflores and San Isidro.

Their menu offers everything from panamito beans in tomato sauce and peppers, quick sponge cakes with mushrooms, gluten-free cassava bread stuffed with carrots with chili and pierced tomato, to nutritious cakes, aguaymanto or vegan cake with cocoa.