What do you say about going out with friends or relatives, to drink and have fun for a while in one of the best bars in Lima? This is undoubtedly a gigantic initiative to distract yourself from daily occupations and enjoy a different time.

Perhaps it is difficult to find the perfect place to have a good time. Below we present a brief list with the 5 best bars in Lima, which were selected for every detail of their services, so that you can enjoy the best atmosphere to have a good time in the capital of Peru. In addition, each one has different specialties between craft and classic beers, chilcanos, pisco sours, cocktails, etc.

Best bars in Lima

1. Carnaval bar

carnaval bar in lima

This bar is the only one of all those on this list located in the top 20 of “The World’s 50 Best Bars”. In 2019 it received this great recognition, and was ranked 13th and one of the best bars in the beverage industry. You will find an extremely pleasant atmosphere, get ready to visit Carnaval Bar, where its name is inspired by the developed carnivals of Cajamarca, Rio, Veracruz and Mardi Grass and more.

But, when you are in the bar you will realize that it has an exclusive drink and one that is most requested by its clients, the “Carnival” bears the same name as the bar and is made up of Gin Beefeater 24, green Chartreuse, pineapple, lemon and white beer. beer (collaboration with Barbarian), without a doubt one of the best drinks. You can also try the 25 creative cocktails where you will find a diversity of flavors and be sure to taste the menu and more, one of the best places you must visit in Lima.

2. Bar ingles country club

bar ingles country club in lima

It is one of the most famous and visited bars in the city, recognized for its pisco sours and its classic style that everyone prefers and calls it the “emblematic Bar of Pisco Culture” by the Peruvian Academy of Pisco The English Country Club Bar, because it always appears in the guide to the best pisco sour in the city.

If you want to drink one of the best piscos with your friends, family, cousins; then you should go to the English Bar where the cocktails are based on pisco and the classics (they are his signature) likewise, new versions have been incorporated.

In addition to offering its variety of versions, it has a nice spot to enjoy an evening, with its enveloping wooden walls and its peculiar musical style, with rich classic cocktails such as the chilcano, maracuya sour, pisco sour, don’t forget the appetizers such as pizza, roast strip tequeños, loin carpaccio, among others, and, obviously, distillates and spirits.

3. Bottega Basso

bottega basso bar in lima

It is a restobar with the best drinks between champagnes, whiskey, gin cocktails and more, the perfect place to meet with friends, co-workers, family and commitments.

You can also enjoy Mediterranean dishes or have an after office in the bar, in addition to its good music, being one of the few bars in San Isidro that is open during the day and at night, perfect for a casual meeting or sharing a lunch.

4. La Gloria

la gloria bar in lima

It has been serving customers for more than 25 years, offering its best drinks based on pisco and cañazo, standing out from the rest on our roots.

It also offers us a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine, on the other hand, the drinks are well prepared and original, a super cool place to go to drink and eat something rich and well Peruvian.

5. Osaka

osaka bar in lima

One of the restaurants that has the best fusion of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy, which has become a dominant culinary icon both in the country and abroad.

A good place, with an incredible atmosphere where the Japanese and Peruvian fusion will make you fall in love and what to say about its cocktails, which stand out precisely for the latter; they use sake in their varieties of cocktails, in general a good place to recharge ourselves with Peruvian and Japanese energy.