The streets of Lima offer a combination of aromas and colors. In Lima, you can find street food at any time of the day. For an affordable cost, you can enjoy the culinary delights of the city such as picarones, tamales, rachi, butifarra, the famous ceviche and more. These delicacies can be tried in any corner of the city, whether in its tourist, central or peripheral area. Let’s eat!

Best street food in Lima

1. Picarones


Picarones are one of the favorite desserts in Lima and Peru. They are made from flour, sweet potato, pumpkin, cornstarch and sugar. It has the shape of donuts and a soft and crunchy texture. The secret ingredient is a honey cream made with orange peel and chancaca.

The history of the picarones dates back to pre-Inca times. With the arrival of the Spanish, ingredients were added to culminate with its current recipe. The people of Lima usually consume it in the afternoons and nights. They can be found at any market in the city. Prices vary depending on the market or cafeteria.

2. Tamales


The Peruvian tamale is made from corn. In Lima and on the country’s coast it is prepared using toasted peanuts, butter and chili. In addition, boiled eggs, olives and shredded chicken (or pork) are added. Unlike the Andean tamale, called humita, its flavor is spicier.

The tamale can be found in any market in Lima. The people of Lima usually eat it for breakfast, accompanied by bread and hot coffee. To the south and north of the city (in Mala, Cañete, Huacho and Huaral) they are usually prepared larger and with better portions of meat.

3. Rachi


The rachi is one of the most celebrated dishes in the markets and tourist restaurants of Lima. This popular dish is made from small portions of beef belly and tripe. In a barbecue or grill it is fried and served accompanied by potatoes and corn. It is also known as “choncholi”.

In Peru, rachi is usually served as an appetizer. It can be consumed in all markets in Lima as well as tourist restaurants. Its history dates back to colonial times. The entrails of the cattle were used by Afro-Peruvians for immediate consumption.

4. Butifarra


The butifarra is one of the most celebrated sandwiches by the people of Lima. It is consumed especially at gastronomic fairs, in tourist and downtown areas. It is made from pork sausage. The people of Lima usually accompany it with French bread (or ciabatta), onion, lettuce and creams.

The butifarra is not usually consumed in the popular markets of the city. The reason is the difficulty of its preparation. The so-called “country ham” can be obtained in specialized stores. Due to its high cost, in the popular sectors of the city they use hot dogs or chorizo ​​instead of the butifarra.

5. Mazamorra Morada

mazamorra morada

The purple mazamorra is one of the classic desserts of Peruvian gastronomy. Its secret ingredient is purple corn from the Andes Mountains. It also includes cinnamon, pineapple peel, quince, apple and sweet potato flour. Its consumption has spread not only in Lima, but throughout Peru.

In Lima, mazamorra can be found in any market in the city. The people of Lima usually consume it accompanied by rice pudding (another very famous dessert) as well as ground cinnamon. It can be eaten hot or cold. The famous Peruvian drink called chicha morada is also prepared from purple corn.