If you are passing through Lima, you need to know that the food truck boom has already arrived in the great capital of Peru, and although it had taken time to become a trend, they are now available in different parts of the city. Each proposal is different, there are specialists in sandwiches, oriental cuisine, desserts and seafood, among others. Another point to highlight is that most of the protagonists are young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in the itinerant “little flavor trucks”, which have the advantage of reaching any point in the city.

Best food trucks in Lima

1. Con Tenedor

con tenedor food truck in lima

This food truck is led by the young Franco Alva and Álvaro del Castillo, who together have managed to position themselves in the minds of diners looking for creative food truck food without so much formality. This is how “Con Tenedor” arose. Its best-known recipes are the “Chicken Geisha” sandwich, which has a cylindrical pig with pickled turnip and wonton threads, “La Samurai”, which is a cylindrical pig sandwich glazed with Nikkei sauce plus Creole sauce and a touch of mustard . Another famous recipe is “La Papuchi” with chicken, bacon and chorizo ​​in a cylinder plus native potatoes.

Prices: from 3 to 5 USD.

Facebook page: @contenedor

2. Food Truck Halao

food truck halao in lima

This business has specialized in oriental wok food. It has Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food options. From there they make creative fusions. The brand was born half a year ago, under the leadership of the entrepreneur Erick Wong. He recommends dishes like the oriental noodle with sautéed chicken, holantao, white onion, red cabbage and pak choi (Chinese cabbage) plus oyster sauce. The next one he mentioned is the special chaufa of chicken, Chinese beans and oyster sauce, plus egg and Chinese onion. Soon they will bring out a curry sauce with coconut milk, which will accompany a sa ho fan noodle and prawns.

Prices: Between 2 and 3 USD appetizers and main dishes between 4 and 5 USD.

Facebook page: @foodtruckhalao

3. Tentempie en ruta

tentempie en ruta food truck in lima

Carolina Toledo and Jorge Quezada are a couple of entrepreneurs who decided to start a sweet food truck business that they named Tentempié (2015), trusting that their product would be recognized by people who seek the traditional, as well as by those who They venture to try new creations and they were not wrong. In the window of their little truck they present desserts such as lemon pie, apple pie, cheesecake, alfajores and some creative ones such as the chocolate cake with passion fruit ganache, chirimoya sigh and pie sour, which is a lemon pie with pisco and cinnamon , similar to the flag cocktail of Peru.

Prices: Between 2 and 3 USD.

Facebook page: @tentempieenruta

4. La Cale

la cale food truck in lima

The specialists in seafood on wheels are the managers of La Cale, which have had a great presence in the streets and in the largest international gastronomic fair in Lima, Mistura. According to George Capristan, chef and owner, part of the success of their dishes is that every day they go to the terminal to catch the best fruits that the sea throws up, which is why the menu changes according to the seasons. They also have an interesting menu (starter, background and soft drink) for people who want to eat something strong and at a low cost. Among the most popular dishes is the Amazon chaufa with grilled octopus and mango tamarind, the catch of the day ceviche, grilled octopus tacos with a touch of black pudding plus avocado mayonnaise and olive sauce, in addition to the cause of flambéed octopus with sea urchin chalaquita. Unconventional dishes. The surprise is that they will soon extend their service until the night.

Prices: Between 5 and 7 USD.

Facebook page: @lacale

5. Lima Sabrosa Food Truck

lima sabrosa food truck

The Lima Sabrosa brand first positioned itself as one of the best places to eat homemade hamburgers. It started in a small place in the Surco district and was so well received that their followers asked them to be closer to them and thus the idea of ​​going on wheels was born. Natalia Miori, one of the representatives, points out that their success lies in the quality with which the hamburgers are made, combining the best American meat with Peruvian inputs and accessories that they choose with great care. “La cajacha” is a hamburger that comes with porcon mushrooms and melted cajamarquino cheese, this is the queen of all. They have created one called “La pituca”, which apart from the hamburger has blue cheese, caramelized onions and arugula. “La malcriada” is a double hamburger with four additional ones that the customer can choose, such as cheese, egg, caramelized onion and porcon mushrooms.

Prices: Between 4 and 8 USD.

Facebook page: @sabrosafoodtruck