Peru offers one of the most fascinating pantries on the planet, a wealth that is due to the Peruvian man and the impressive number of ecological floors that the country has. That has been the magic formula to have that variety of products that today are a fundamental part of the world’s diet.

Mistura is the largest gastronomic food festival in Peru and is organized to show the great biodiversity and wealth of the country. Around 350 producers from all regions of Peru participate. Every year more than 50 restaurants, 70 wheelbarrows and around 16 rustic kitchens are presented, in addition to regional cuisines and a greater offer of drinks.

In addition to selling food, contests and awards are held at Mistura (Best Young Chef, Best Baker, Best Young Pastry Chef, etc.) and the best of art and music are presented. Also, there is the presence of a large delegation of famous international chefs.

History of this food festival

In 2007, a group of friends met in northern Peru to bet on regional food and producers as the main axis of the “gastronomic boom” in Peru. In the middle of the debate they realized that it was necessary to articulate and take a step beyond the discourse. This is how the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega) was born. In 2008, the first version of the gastronomic fair was organized in the San Martín de Miraflores barracks. That year, the fair was visited by more than 30,000 people, which motivated the organizers to work hand in hand with the peasant unions. In addition, this fair was well received by the media. Since then, “Mistura” has established itself in a few years as the most important gastronomic fair in Latin America and has gained increasing international notoriety.